Brick and Stone Veneer


If you’re seeking the services of masonry that can provide you with stone or brick veneer siding, you can rely on Davenport Masonry Pros. This is a lightweight, material that is often applied to the exterior of a building. It is made from stone molds that retain its natural texture and offers the appearance of real stone. This type of application appeals to a variety of property owners due to its customizable options. If you’re thinking of having a brick or stone veneer applied to your property, make sure that it is done right by hiring our experts.

Masonry Veneer vs Solid Masonry Walls
Before the advent of veneer, masonry used to be a very laborious job. After placing bricks or stones in order, masonry workers still had to seal them together perfectly with the use of mortar. And while they always appeared visually pleasing when installed correctly, ongoing maintenance needed to be done to keep them functional. Furthermore, since solid masonry served as the main support for the building, the damage or removal of any of the materials used affect the integrity of the whole building. Masonry veneer, on the other hand, is very easy to install and also removable.

Improving Your Homes Appearance
Brick or a stone veneer is sure to improve the appearance of anyone’s home. It adds instant curb appeal to a home that lacks any. Whether you choose to have brick or stone veneer siding applied, it offers a variety of benefits. It is fire resistant and weather resistant, which offers added protection to your house. Veneers also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, which can ultimately help to reduce your spending. If these things are important to you, we hope that you will consider allowing us to show you the variety of veneers that are available to you.

Affordable Stone & Brick Veneers
When you see brick or stone veneers, you may immediately conclude that it will be too expensive to have applied to your property. We assure you that this is not the case when you rely on Davenport Masonry Pros. With the variety of stone and brick veneers that are available to you, we are sure that you’ll find exactly what you want, at a price that you can afford. If you find something that you like that is not within your budget, we’ll find something similar. We offer affordable veneer options.

Hiring Qualified Professionals
If you hire our qualified team of professional masons, you are sure to receive the quality of craftsmanship that you deserve. We understand that many people are saddened by the lack of quality craftsmanship that they receive from many different service providers. It would surprise them if they were to receive the quality of service they were paying for. When you hire qualified professionals, you stand a better chance of receiving the quality of work that you expect to receive from a professional service provider, such as Davenport Masonry Pros.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
We are so confident in our ability to satisfy everyone who relies on us for his or her service needs that we offer guaranteed satisfaction. We do this without hesitation because we know what our team of experts is capable of doing. If you want to get the most for your money, do yourself a favor by allowing us to perform the job for you at Davenport Masonry Pros. These two words demonstrate our willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers know that they have hired the right service provider. Contact our helpful associates for a free quote today.