Walkways & Steps


Your walkways and steps can become dangerous if they start cracking and buckling underneath your feet. When you want a solidly built walkway or steps, rely on Davenport Masonry Pros to perform the job for you. The appearance of your walkway is important but the way that it is built is more important. A solidly built walkway adds to the appearance of your home. You might have a walkway that leads to your front door, garden, courtyard, deck, or pool. We can use natural brick or we can use pavers, whichever is most appropriate for your needs.

Efficient Walkway & Step Construction
If you are looking for the services of a reliable and reputable masonry service in Davenport, Iowa, you have come to the right place, Davenport Masonry Pros. We have seen what poor craftsmanship looks like, and we have seen what our quality work looks like. If you’re looking for an efficient mason to help with the installation of your walkway or steps, allow us to show you some of our work. We are sure that you’ll be impressed with the quality of work that we do and hire us to construct yours. Our pavers are sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure that we can offer the quality of service that you deserve.

Why Use Pavers
If you’re not familiar with pavers, you may be after you have contacted us about constructing your walkways. Pavers are among the most effective and practical materials used for the construction of walkways. Allow us to arrange a complimentary consultation with our associates. There are benefits to using pavers for your walkway, which include:

  • Pavers can fit anyone’s budget, which makes them affordable
  • Pavers come in different shapes, patterns, and sizes
  • They are low maintenance
  • Pavers are versatile and durable
  • They can easily be replaced
  • They are slip-proof and water-resistant

Pavers look like the real thing but they don’t require as much maintenance, this is one of the many reasons they are used most often. They are also very affordable, which is another good reason for using them when you would like to have a walkway constructed. They offer the same level of durability that natural brick or stone offers. Some of our customers tell us that they can’t tell the difference, which is why they choose the pavers to brick or natural stone.

Hire a Reputable Service Provider
Many handymen have learned how to construct walkways and steps the old- fashioned way, learning on the job. Our expert masons have received professional training and they have also received on the job training. We have earned our reputation as the most thorough and efficient services, which affords you the chance to get the most for your money. As a reputable service provider, you have a better chance of receiving the best quality of service. A reputable service provider is also capable of sourcing the best quality of materials. Rely on Davenport Masonry Pros for your walkway and step construction, as we are the most reputable masonry service in Davenport.